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A new level in luxury. Take your interior to a new level in luxury and spaciousness with Quick-Step's longest & widest laminate flooring boards ever made. The planks of Majestic floors will make a big impression with their true-to-nature colours and textures, as well as extreme water resistance.



Majestic Desert Oak Warm Natural 3.jpeg

desert oak - warm natural

Majestic Woodland Oak Natural 5.jpeg

woodland oak - natural

Majestic Woodland Oak Brown 2.jpeg

woodland oak - brown

Majestic Desert Oak Brushed Grey 1.jpeg

desert oak - brushed grey

Majestic Woodland Oak Beige 1.jpeg

woodland oak - beige

Majestic Desert Oak Light Natural 1.jpeg

desert oak - light natural

Majestic Valley Oak Light Brown 1.jpeg

valley oak - light brown

Majestic Woodland Oak Light Grey 1.jpeg

woodland oak - light grey

Desert Oak Brushed Dark Brown 2.jpeg

desert oak - brushed dark brown

Majestic Valley Oak Light Beige 6.jpeg

valley oak - light beige

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