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Add texture and movement to a room's ambiance with the Quickstep Exquisa ceramic dark laminate flooring. Check out the different tones of the tile effect flooring in the photos above. Get discounted underlay for comfort and protection and a full manufacturer's warranty too.



Exquisa Slate dark 1.jpeg

slate - dark

Exquisa Ceramic light 1.jpeg

ceramic - light

Exquisa Tivoli travertine 3.jpeg

tivoli tavertine

Exquisa Ceramic dark 1.jpeg

ceramic - dark

Exquisa Slate black 1.jpeg

slate - black

Exquisa Ceramic white 1.jpeg

ceramic - white

Exquisa Crafted textile 1.jpeg

crafted textile

Exquisa Slate black galaxy 3.jpeg

slate - black galaxy

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